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Yeelight bedside lamp

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In addition to the waist size, the size of the in-line version is relatively transparent, but most customers did not actually measure the size of the version.
Mainly whether it is comfortable to wear, the version is the most important, because the number of washing fabrics increases,
The fabric will shrink, and the unreasonable pattern will lead to over-tightening;
The fabric is too short, the version is not standard, and the manufacturer uses relatively little on the fabric;
According to the cutting corners of 10 fabrics, the ratio of one pair of underwear can be increased. Some manufacturers will reason based on the southern size and the northern size.
If you think the northern size is small, you can choose the larger size. In fact, the difference between the southern size and the northern size does not exist;
Due to the above factors, our company's detailed introduction mainly focuses on the size of the version, lacks the description of popular online words, and there is no selling point lacking online hot words, please forgive me;
Next, let us take a look at the following 6 real panties size.
1. The belt length is 34.5 cm

2. The crotch width is 7 cm

3.The height of the crotch is 19 cm

4. The height of the trouser legs is 27 cm

5. The trouser leg width is 19.5 cm

                                6. Inside line details

We pursue high quality, focusing on the comfort of the end customer wearing it, just to be able to cooperate with you for a long time and achieve a win-win situation. Welcome to place an order!

  • Yeelight bedside lamp
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